Lydia pregnant with Taylor in warrior pose : 36 weeks
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My pregnancy with our daughter, Taylor, breathed new life into how we made decisions. Instead of automatically adopting common philosophies and following practices that have become the norm, we actively questioned, researched, discussed and negotiated them. This process surely did not simplify our entry into parenthood. If anything, this process made our journey into parenthood a more bumpy one and required more work.

Nonetheless, it has resulted in a more natural way of living. From issues around food to nutrition to pregnancy and childbirth to healthcare and seemingly, small, everyday decisions, we make a concerted effort to live more consciously -- with our children's future in mind, meaning your children and our children.

Living a greener lifestyle in an urban setting is absolutely (necessary and) possible. Incorporate small changes at first, until they become habit and then take on new changes. Before you know it, you will have taken great strides toward living a more mindful existence.

This site provides a distillation of the research I collect and is representative of topics which I am most impassioned. With UrbanCrunchyMama.com, I hope to encourage further research and discussion as we all discover and implement positive change.


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