HawaiiHeadshotSedonaI was simply going with the flow, unquestioningly living life like most everyone else when Taylor came knocking on the door of my womb, “Mother, how will you prepare for my arrival?

Sitting tall and cross-legged on a yoga mat. Kari’s words float out of her mouth and into my consciousness — I accept her invitation to read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I learn about women who tapped deeply into their bodies and into their ancestral knowing, about the completely healthy, physiological state of pregnancy and how best to support gestation and birth. Although the information itself is unfamiliar to me, it is also a homecoming — a return to a place I have no recollection of leaving.

From this point forward, I choose not to place my blind trust in the status quo, and I allow two questions to surface.



They tumble continuously over each other as I navigate all aspects of life. Why is the C-section rate so high? Why is the breastfeeding rate so low? Why are babies fed rice cereal as a first food? Why do free play and self-directed projects often cease after preschool? Why is formal education important? Why do some life partnerships continue to grow and strengthen while others atrophy and often lead to dissolution? Why am I here on this planet, in this body? How do I answer these questions in ways that resonate with the truest parts of me and also contribute to connection and well-being?

I am a certified yoga teacher, a childbirth educator, a sacred circle leader, a writer, and a homeschooling mama who is passionate about meeting students and clients exactly where they are to support them on their unique journeys.